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Arlington Texas

Application Tips

Documentation is absolutely key in today's mortgage process.   The level of documentation scrutiny can be a very frustrating part of your mortgage process and there may be times when you question whether my team and I have any common sense at all.     My team and I understand, and you have our commitment that we will do everything possible to reduce or eliminate any unnecessary requests.  I put together a video that touches on some of these topics and I would encourage you to check it out - it may shed some additional light on the subject for you.   Listed below are the typical items needed on most files...

Income - Self Employed

  • Most recent 2 years Federal Tax Returns for personal and corporation/partnership (all pages and schedules) if applicable

  • Most recent 2 years of all K1's if applicable

  • Pay-stubs for last 30 days if applicable

Income - W2 Employee

  • Most recent 2 years Federal Tax Returns (all pages and schedules)

  • Most recent 2 years W2's

  • Pay-stubs for last 30 days

  • If you work for a company and have more than a 25% ownership position, all the items above in the Self Employed section are required


  • Most recent 2 months account statements for all asset accounts, including Checking, Savings, IRA, 401K, Stocks, etc. Complete statements are required, this means every page of the statements even if the pages are blank. Transactions histories, printouts from the web browser and screenshots are not acceptable.

Other Real Estate Owned

  • If you own additional real estate, the following information is required...

  • Copy of mortgage statement that details complete monthly payment, including principal and interest, property taxes and insurance.

  • If payment does not include property taxes and insurance, please provide proof of property taxes and copy of declaration page of insurance policy confirming premium amount

  • If property is free and clear, please provide documentation ( warranty deed, release of lien, etc)

If you a purchasing a home

  • Copy of fully executed purchase contract - when available

  • Copy of cancelled earnest money check (need front and back of cancelled check) - when available

  • Contact information for your insurance agent

If you are refinancing

  • Contact information for your insurance agent

  • Copy of existing property survey and statement if any changes have been made to the foot print since date of the survey

  • If you have a second lien on the property, please provide copy of the Note